Troubleshooters services:         



$$$$$$ A affordable home air purification system killing 99.9% of cold & flu viruses and MORE in your home. With a 3-year efficiency performance. The system is less than $200.

1. UV Light installation:

or just about any UV light of your preference we install. Please take a look at the video and see why filters only clean about 35% of all particulates! Then find out what you're breathing 65% of the time.. Please see the video.


2. Evaporator Coil Cleaning: if you're not using a ultraviolet light, learn why a clean evaporator coil is a very healthy move. please see the video.


3. Drain line flush and cleanings:

Because of dirty evaporator coil's and clogged bathroom P-traps, drain lines clog up over time. we will flush and sanitize your drain lines.


4. Outdoor condenser cover installs:

Keep leaves and unwanted debris out of your outdoor condenser unit. We install outdoor breathable fan motor covers over your condenser.


5. Attic Tents:

Your attic door is actually a large crack in your ceiling allowing unlimited heat in your home every single day. This is a waste of energy, cooling and money. Please see the video!


6. Compressor Savers:

Your outdoor compressor in the backyard or side of your house is very expensive. It works superhard in the hot sun every day. You can add life to your compressor, reduce your utility bills, please see the video!


7. Refrigerant Charging:

A balanced refrigerant charge according to Superheat or Sub cooling will keep you unit running efficiently. It will also protect your compressor, keep your evaporator cool from freezing, and most importantly provide you with cooling and comfort.


8. Spring, summer and winter troubleshooting. Find out what's happening with your system before your system happens to you.


9. Surge Protectors:  Don't let rain storms damage your expensive system! See Video!     Protect your system & HOME for a price you can  afford!!  See Whole home surge protector  SEE (VIDEO)!