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Because in heating & air-conditioning there are a number of different types and styles of systems. The newer systems are controlled by DC current, hard drive circuit boards, and ECM blower motors. The older systems are phasing out just like the R-22 refrigerant. We are moving into a new age. The age of energy efficiency. All this can become very complicated. But everything is just based on simple principles and terminology. 


The Trouble Shooters Guide to Savings is here to help aid you by breaking down technical terminology into simple every day layman terms. 


If you have a informational or instructional question after reading my e-book, whether it be electrical, plumbing, refrigerant or airflow. For a few cents on the dollar I will give you simple understandable layman's terms with solving these related issues. 


You'd be amazed of the times when I work on a unit and I see blown fuses left on the ground in that area. Burnt or loose wire connections, drain lines and drain pans installed with the wrong elevation or direction of flow. With a few tips of advise these problems could have been prevented...


So if you were working on something and have a question, send me a photo of what you're working on, heating and air-conditioning only, and I will guide you through whatever the troubleshooting issues you might have.


Simply click on the "Donate" button below and send a gift along with a photo of the problem, then I will investigate and answer your request as soon as possible. Looking forward to troubleshooting with you.