If you're looking to save money, from utility bills to service calls. A ebook is finally here, designed for the average every day residential homeowner. This ebook is power packed with photos and step-by-step details to give the every day average homeowner confidence in maintaining, troubleshooting and determining the most common problems related to cooling and heating. No more wondering why my AC is not cooling enough. Or wondering "is that technician ripping me off."   Written by a licensed technician without the technical jargon.

How this e-book can benefit YOU!


1. The savings alone in repairs not only pays for the ebook but puts money back in your pocket.


2. Learning how to add another 3 to 5 years to your system is definitely worth the cost.


3. Just like knowing how to perform CPR could save lives. Knowing the simple basics of troubleshooting your AC/heating system can save you big dollars.


4. This e-book could also make a great gift for someone who would like to enhance their skills or encourage someone they know to have a successful financial future in HVAC troubleshooting.





Trouble Shooters Guide To Savings

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